The Shane Family

Posts related to the Shane Family.  Click on the link to go to the article:

Robert Shane in America

The Marriage of Robert Shane and Bridget Hogan

Robert Shane Land Patent

Children of Bridget Hogan and Robert Shane

The Short Life of Little Mary Shehan

Stereoscopic Picture

The Death of Robert Shane – 1884

Robert Shane Probate File

Bridget Shane and the Supreme Court of Iowa

Obituary: Bridget (Hogan) Shane

Bridget Shane Handwriting Analysis

Obituary: James Shane

Obituary: Theresa (McDonough) Shane

Article: Mrs. Theresa Shane

The Marriage of James Shane and Theresa McDonough

Article: From Iowa to North Dakota

The Marriage of Robert Nolan Shane and Susan Clara Samels

The Births and Deaths of Susanna and Willie Shane

Robert Nolan Shane Handwriting Analysis

The Birth of Frank Shane

Baby Picture – Francis Leo Shane

Graduation Day – 1910

Following the Deeds – Part 1

Following the Deeds – Part 2

Michael Joseph (Joe) Shane

Shane Family Pictures

The Treasures

Article: The Trouble With Birthdays

Article: Portland Pickins’

Pit and Siz

Land Rush and the Shanes

Robert Shane and the Agricultural Census

Obituary of Robert Nolan Shane

Obituary of Thomas Shane

Death of the Shane Brothers

Frank and Jean Shane, A Love Story

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