The Death of Robert Shane – 1884

Robt Shane obit001

Robert Shane’s Obituary, September 25, 1884 as printed in the Monticello Express

Robert Shane was my great-grandfather, not to be confused with Robert Nolan Shane (1863-1918) who was my grandfather. Robert Shane (the first) was born in Limerick, Ireland about 1816-1822.  There’s some confusion about his birthdate because Census records vary significantly about that piece of information.  It’s possible he simply didn’t know.

For some time I’d been wondering why it is that the 1870 Federal Census for South Fork Township, Iowa clearly lists Robert as head of the household with Bridget’s occupation listed as “keeping house.”  But just ten years later the census for South Fork lists Bridget first with an occupation of “Farmer” and Robert listed just after the family, living in a separate household.  Apparently Bridget and Robert were separated.


Shane Family in 1870


Shane Family in 1880

Both of these census documents show my grandfather, Robert Shane along with his siblings, children of Robert and Bridget. The family enumerated “next door” to them is the Quirk Family, and Johanna Quirk is believed to be the sister of Robert Shane.

I’m not sure how much this obituary and census information clarify the status of the Shane Family except that the obituary solves a question that’s been nagging at me for some time… i.e., why was Robert Shane enumerated in a separate household in 1884?  One more mystery resolved…  hundreds yet to go!


Iowa, Delaware County, 1870 U.S. Census, population schedule.  Digital image.

Iowa, Delaware County, 1880 U.S. Census, population schedule.  Digital image.

Iowa, Jones County, The Monticello Express, September 25, 1884. Jones County Genealogical Society.

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington, All rights reserved.

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