The Walker Family

Hi Everyone, after a long time away from the Walker family genealogy and family history I have four new articles to  post.   Enjoy!!


(1) Jane Ann (Walker) Upper  Adventure on her trip from Saskatchewan to Bemidji in 1906

Mrs. Osborn Upper, daughter of W.A.Walker of this city arrived in Bemidji last night for a holiday visit with her relatives here, after a trip which took one week to come from Prince  Albert, Saskatchewan and in which she had experiences she will not soon forget.

Mrs. Upper’s ticket was over the Soo road and through North Dakota.  As soon as the Soo train reached the northern boundary of the “Flickertail” state, the troubles of the passengers began.  The blizzard which caused much suffering and a fuel famine, was getting in its fine work and the train was stalled in the snow. For thirty-six hours Mrs. Upper and a number of other passengers remained in the passenger coach, with at one time prospects of running out of both eatables and fuel for the stoves.  Some farmers living in the neighborhood, however, possessed some live poultry that was bought without regard to price. There was fried spring chicken, chicken on toast, iced and several other new kinds of cooked poultry that was  good to the stalled passengers.

Mrs. Upper and three traveling men were finally taken across country to the main line of the Great Northern Railway where they witnessed the incidents of the fuel famine.  In the hotel where either stopped the landlord dropped his coal  onto the fire in small chunks and actually almost shed tears when compelled to replenish the dying embers.  Mrs. Upper got out as soon as possible and  is exceedingly well pleased to be again in Bemidji while it said that the Soo train is still stuck in the snow out there on the Dakota prairie.

Bemidji Daily Pioneer, Dec. 18, 1906


 2) Obituary for Georgiana (Boss) Walker

Mrs. George Walker, 58 years, 7 months and 22days of age, wife of George A. Walker, Sr. freight agent for the Minnesota and International Railway Co. was laid to rest in Greenwood cemetery Tuesday afternoon following services at St. Bartholomews Episcopal church at 2:30. Mrs. Walker had been in ill health for about a year, death coming early last Friday morning at her home on Bemidji avenue.

The funeral services were very largely attended. Dr. R. D. Bowdish, rector at St. Bartholomews officiated and internment was made under the direction of M.E. Ibertson.

Mrs. Walker had been a resident of Bemidji for the past 25 years.

She is survived by her husband, three sons and two daughters. The sons are William A. of Bemidji, George A. of Pocatello, Idaho, and Frederick Dale of Cathlamet, Wash. The daughters are Mrs. Ralph Everest of East Bemidji and Miss Jean Walker who made her home with her parents.

Bemidji Sentinal, Feb 5, 1926


(3) George A. Walker, Jr. 


Was member of brigade winning Croix de Guerre in Several Great Battles

Robust and in perfect health following participation in several battles of the world war Corporal George A. Walker, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Walker of Bemidji returned to the city this morning after army service of sixteen months, 12 of which were spent overseas.

Walker fought in the battles of Chateau Thierry, Argonne and St.. Mihiel and a few encounters of less consequence as a member of the 36th infantry, sixth brigade of the third division. His brigade was awarded the Croix de Guerre this entitling the Bemidji boy to wear the French war medal. He has been recommended for a commission. Although he was in the thick of the fighting on numerous occasions, Walker was lucky in escaping injury except for being slightly gassed. At one time it was necessary for him to wear his gas mask for nine hours. William and Dale Walker, brothers of George, are still in France.

Bemidji Daily Pioneer, March 19, 1919


(4) Obituary for Charlotte (Walker) Sutherland


Mrs. G.L. Sutherland Dies at the Home of Her Parents in West Bemidji.

Mrs. J.L. Sutherland died at 1 o’clock Sunday morning at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Walker, a mile west of Bemidji, death resulting from acute inflammation of the stomach.  Mrs. Sutherland has been ailing for some time, but her  condition was not considered very serious until a few days before her death.  A week ago she was removed from her home on Mississippi avenue and taken to the home of her parents.

Mrs. Sutherland was the daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Walker and was 25 years old.

She was born in Bluffton in Otter Tail county and moved from that place to Bemidji six years ago, with her parents.   Four years ago she was married to J.L. Sutherland, and one child, a daughter, who is two years old was born to them. They have lived in Beltrami county ever since their marriage, and have many friends in Bemidji and other places near here.

The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock, at the Presbyterian church.

Besides her father and mother who reside here, Mrs. Sutherland has a brother, G.W. Walker, and a sister, Mrs. M. Downs, both living here; Mrs. Ed Kerwin of Pelican Rapids, who is here; Mrs.  James Hatton  of  Jamestown N.D.; a sister, who is expected here today, Mrs. Austin Upton of Saskatoon, N.W.TM a sister Mrs. Ed Hurley of Spokane, Washington a sister also some relatives living west of Winnipeg.

Bemidji Daily Pioneer, Oct. 29, 1906


First  line:  Mrs. G.L. Sutherland should read Mrs. J.L. Sutherland

Last paragraph, line 1: G.W. Walker should read G.A. Walker

Last paragraph, line 3:  Mrs. James Hatton should read: Mrs. Thomas J. Hatten

Last paragraph, line 4: Mrs. Austin Upton should read: Mrs. Osborn Upper or Mrs. Annie Upper


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  1. So loved seeing the pictures again. Only mistake I see is Jeannine Walters you put Watters, probably a typo! I seem to be doing that a lot lately. It is on the picture that says Bob,Dale, Jeannine W and Joyce Mott. Maybe it is too hard to correct if so just let it go I guess. I sure love seeing the pictures! It makes it all more real! Thanks for all your efforts! I sent the message on to Jim and his oldest daughter and Barbara’s daughter Kim who is interested also in geneology. Nancy

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