Michael Joseph “Joe” Shane

Joe Shane was the fifth child of Bridget Hogan and Robert Shane. Records indicate a birth year of anywhere from 1861 to 1870 depending on the source.  When he was just young man, Joe went off to find his fortune and ended up in Butte, Montana employed as a miner for many years.  But in 1898 the Spanish American War was under way, and the brave young men of Butte responded to the call….. among them was Joe Shane.  Joe was a member of  Company B, 1st Montana Infantry. A news account of the unit states:

” It was in the spring of ’98 that the First Regiment was called out by Gov. Joseph K. Toole and quickly, by voluntary enlistment raised to war strength of 50 officers and 1,019 me.  Butte provided more than its share of volunteers.

This regiment went to the Philippines and served there throughout the war, being 18 months in the service. …..

After successfully repulsing an attack of insurgents on San Fernando, the regiment, in August, 1899, boarded two transports and a month later reached San Francisco.  The formal mustering-out occurred Oct. 17th.  Six days later the regiment was welcomed in Butte, and for the last time, was drawn up here in regimental formation.  Each officer and enlisted man was presented here with a medal bestowed by a grateful state as the band payed, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again.”….”

This picture was taken on the unit’s return from Manila.

Although the soldiers aren’t identified, the second man from the right, front row looks very like a “Shane.”

1st Montana Volunteer Infantry Medal


After the war Joe Shane was employed by the Butte police department, but eventually he was “released” according to this article in the Anaconda Standard, November 11, 1914:


Joe Shane, a former member of the Butte police department, has been released upon a charge of creating a disturbance election night.  He denied striking “Big Mike” Sullivan, a democratic committeeman, and said that he only told Sullivan what he thought of him.


Michael Joseph “Joe” Shane died May 17, 1916 in the SilverBow County Hospital of Pulmonary Tuberculosis of the right lung. His obituary reads:


Joseph M. Shane, a veteran of the Spanish-American War and for many years a resident of Butte, died yesterday afternoon at a local hospital of tuberculosis. He was 45 years old, a native of Iowa.  He will be buried Saturday  by his comrades in their plot in the Catholic cemetery.

Mr. Shane served as a private in company D first Montana Regiment, and was in service in the Philippine Islands. Returning to Butte he was appointed a member of the police force by Mayor McCarthy and was driver of the patrol wagon. Later he was employed in the mines, his last work being on the surface at the Colorado. He was not married.

**Couple of errors:  according to the death certificate Joseph Shane was 55 years old when he died; his service was in Company B, not Company D

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington, January 1, 2010, All rights reserved.

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