Robert Shane Probate File

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The probate file for Robert Shane contains 46 pages, all hand written.  So rather than post them all I put up a few and try to explain a bit about what was going on and hopefully point out the “real” story behind the documents.

Robert Shane and his wife Bridget were separated at the time of his death, in fact as I mentioned in an earlier post he was living in a house next door to the family when the 1880 U.S. Census enumeration was taken.  According to the probate records and article about his death, Robert had divided the property with Bridget at the time of their separation.  In a later post I’ll outline what happened because of the property division including the legal action that was brought.

Robert did have some assets in addition to the farm:

This document tells us that Robert had a silver watch and keychain valued at $30.00, a trunk valued at $1.00, a suit of clothes (much worn) valued at $5.00 and property valued at $4.75.  Not significant by today’s standards, however $36.25 today would have a value of about $825.00 based on the CPI inflation factors.  And then there were bank accounts:

Robert’s bank account balances totaling $5,132.50 would be worth about $116,198.00 in today’s economy, again based on the CPI.  Then there was the property:

This map is intriguing as it shows property that comes into an ownership dispute.  And as a side note, the Shanes had bought and sold several properties in Iowa during their residency, including Robert’s initial land patent purchase of 95.92 acres in 1855 and Mary (Shean’s) 1858 sale of a property in Section 31 of Township 87 to Dennis Shean.  Mary is presumed to be the Mother of Robert Shane, Dennis Shean and Daniel Shehan. Note: Shean, Shehan and Shane are all variants of the same name, Sheehan in Ireland.


Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, February 3, 2010, All Rights Reserved

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