Children of Bridget Hogan and Robert Shane

Robert Shane, c. 1818 – 1884

b. abt 1818 at Limerick, Ireland

m. 3 JUL 1858 Bridget Hogan  at Jones County, Iowa

d. 1884 at Iowa

1. Elizabeth M. Shane

b.  15 September, 1867 in Iowa

d.  7 November, 1912 in Newberg, Oregon

2. Robert Nolan Shane

b.  10 January, 1863 in Iowa

m.  3 July, 1858 in Jones County, Iowa,  Susan Clara Samels

d.  c. 1918 in Portland, Oregon

Robert’s childrenSusanna B. “Susie” Shane, b. 21 February, 1893, d. 24 September, 1894;             William J. “Willie” Shane, b. 7 December, 1894, d. 8 July, 1896;

Francis Leo Shane, b.11 September, 1897 In Iowa,   d. 8 December, 1969 at Seattle, Washington.

3. James P. Shane

b.  c. 1866 in Iowa

m.  13 February, 1899 in Delaware County Iowa,  Theresa McDonough

d.  1918 in Divide County, North Dakota

James’ children:

Frank Earl Shane, b. 4 November, 1894** in Iowa, d. 18 June, 1957 in Divide County, North Dakota;  Thomas Glen Shane, b. December, 1899 in Iowa, d.1922 in Divide County, North, Dakota

4. Mary Z. Shane

b. 12 October, 1876* in Iowa

d.  17 August, 1925 in Multnomah County, Oregon

5. Michael Joseph “Joe” Shane

b.  c. 1861* (1870) in Iowa

d.  17 May, 1916 in Silver Bow County, Montana

6. Johanna C. Shane

b.  c. 1872 in Iowa

d.  25 November, 1952 in Salem, Oregon

7. Agnes Frances Shane

b.  c. 1875* in Iowa

d.  25 December, 1954 in Portland, Oregon

8. John G. Shane

b.  3 October, 1882 in Iowa

d.  4 February, 1918 in Portland, Oregon

*Note:  Information on birth dates varies from source to source.  In this document I used ages listed on the Probate Record for Bridget Hogan as they seemed the most logical. Also, the marriage date for James Shane and Theresa McDonough or the birth date of Frank Earl may be incorrect.

*Note:  The first child of the Shanes was Mary Shehan who lived just two short months… her story is included on this blog,


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For clarification and additional sources please contact me at:

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, August 2009, All Rights Reserved

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