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The Death of Robert Arbuckle (1821-1895)

SUICIDE OF ROBERT ARBUCKLE Our community was greatly shocked Wednesday to hear that one of our old citizens, Robert Arbuckle, had taken his own life by swallowing a dose of strychnine.  The deceased was a widower, and had his home … Continue reading

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Obituary of Thomas Shane

This obituary was published in the Crosby Journal, April 28, 1922 and carries an incorrect spelling of the Shane surname.  The article spells the name “Schane” instead of “Shane.”  Thomas was the son of James Shane and Theresa (McDonough) Shane. … Continue reading

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Robert Shane and the Agricultural Census

There are several agricultural census years available at and possibly other sites as well… I got started on Ancestry so my information comes from them.  One of the things that happened was I couldn’t find my ancestor Robert Shane … Continue reading

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Land Rush and the Shanes

What do you think of when the words “land rush” come to mind?  Oklahoma, California, or maybe Alaska?  Did you know that there was also a land rush in Iowa?  Prior to Iowa’s territorial status most who came to the … Continue reading

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Marian Adele (Everest) (Healy) Vik. RIP

As my sister Pat and I drove to the small town of Cathlamet in Southwestern Washington we began to reminisce about our growing up years and the many trips we made to visit our Aunt, Uncle and Cousins who lived … Continue reading

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Gaining Control of My Time – HA-HA!

My cousin Jan and I were talking the other day about about the frustration of never having enough time to work on our genealogy/family history projects… I think Jan said something like:  “So much to do, so little time.”  Ain’t … Continue reading

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New Walker Family Picture Albums

Good Evening, After a long period of fiddling with it I’ve finally managed to add two new items to the Walker Family information.  Both posts are photograph albums… one is general photos of the family going back to William Alexander … Continue reading

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The Most Funnest Thing Ever….

For the last few years Mr. Ed has been thinking about writing his life story.. his memoirs so to speak.  He even started, then stopped several times.  But this year was THE year, and it was a lovely experience for … Continue reading

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Bridget Shane and the Supreme Court of Iowa

Since I’m not a lawyer this lawsuit and its eventual appearance in the Iowa Supreme Court are somewhat baffling to me.  However, after reading the text for the 100th time (give or take a little) it seems to me that … Continue reading

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Bridget Shane Handwriting Analysis

Recently I asked Paula Sassi to analyze the handwriting of my great-grandmother, Bridget (Hogan) Shane.  Here’s a sample and Paula’s conclusions: Bridget Shane’s handwriting sample. “Bridget Shane’s handwriting shows that she was a quiet and somewhat stressed individual.  As the … Continue reading

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