The Marriage of Robert Nolan Shane and Susan Clara Samels

My paternal grandparents, Susan Clara Samels and Robert Nolan Shane were married February 17, 1892 in Sand Springs, Iowa. Robert was 29 and Susie 24 when they married. I was able to get some basic information from the Delaware County Marriage Records and was fortunate to have their original marriage license and wedding picture.


According to the Delaware County Marriage Record Book 1880-1900:

Affidavit # 1782 Nicholas Samels

Robert Shane, Sand Springs, Iowa, Farmer, age 29, born in Iowa

Father: Robert Shane

Mother: Briget Hogan

Susie C. Samels, Sand Springs, Iowa, age 24, born in Illinois

Father: Francis Samels

Mother Susie Nicols

1st marriage

Married Sand Springs, Iowa, February 17, 1892 by I. McCormack, Priest

Witnesses: Mary Shane and Nick Samels



Marriage License: R.N. Shane and Susie C. Samels



robertsusanweddingpic016_10241Wedding Picture, Susie Samels and Robert Shane


Iowa, Delaware County Marriage Index, 1880-1900, affidavit # 1782, Nicholas Samels

Original Marriage License for Susie C. Samels and R.N. Shane dated February 13, 1892

Wedding picture of Robert Shane and Susan Samels

Marriage license and wedding picture are the sole property of Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington

March 23, 2009, Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington, All rights reserved.





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