The Marriage of James Shane and Theresa McDonough

James and Theresa ShaneWedding of James Shane and Theresa McDonough

My grandfather’s brother James Shane married Theresa McDonough on February 13, 1889 in Sand Springs Iowa.  The Delaware County Courthouse provides a detailed record:

Affidavit by:    Dennis Kehoe

Groom:     James Shane, Sand Springs Iowa, Occupation: Farmer, Age: 24, caucasian, born in Sand Springs.

Parents:  Robert Shane and Bridget Hogan.  First marriage.

Bride:   Theresa McDonough, age 19, caucasian.

Parents: Frank McDonough, Mary Keyes, first marriage.

Married at: Sand Springs, Iowa, Date: February 13 1889

Witnesses: Joe Shane, Mary McDonough

Married by:  I. McCormack, Catholic Priest

Recorded February 15, 1889


Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, October 16, 2009, All Rights Reserved.

Photograph is the Sole Property of Susan J. Edminster

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