Obituary of Thomas Shane

This obituary was published in the Crosby Journal, April 28, 1922 and carries an incorrect spelling of the Shane surname.  The article spells the name “Schane” instead of “Shane.”  Thomas was the son of James Shane and Theresa (McDonough) Shane.


Thos. Schane a prominent young farmer from the Stady country passed away quite suddenly at his home on Wednesday night, following a short illness from heart failure. The deceased hadn’t been well for some time, as his heart had been bothering him some ever since an attack of Scarlet Fever about two years ago, but his condition was not considered serious.  Fr. Dougherty of this city was called to the house on Wednesday and administered the last Sacrament shortly before his death.

The deceased was a young man, about twenty-seven years of age and had made his home in the Stady country for a number of years.  He was single and resided with his mother and a brother.

The funeral will be held at Fortuna on Saturday, April 29th at 10:30 a.m. and the remains will be laid to rest in the Cathholic cemetery near that place.

The surviving relatives have the sympathy of the entire community.


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