The Arbuckle Family

Hello Arbuckle family and friends.   This will be your index to the articles, documents and pictures related to the Arbuckle family and focusing on descendants of Robert Arbuckle and Jean McNiven.  Just click on any topic to read the related material.

For additional Arbuckle research findings visit the extensive websites of Patti Davidson-Peters at Sunnyann’s Genealogical Index.

Descendants of Robert Arbuckle

Otter Tail County MN Vital Records Index (Arbuckle)

Wadena County MN

The Death of Robert Arbuckle

The Will and Probate of Robert Arbuckle (1821-1895)

The Grave of Robert Arbuckle and Jean McNiven

Will the Real Robert Arbuckle Please Stand Up?

Robert Arbuckle Naturalization

Robert Arbuckle Handwriting Analysis

4 Responses to The Arbuckle Family

  1. Georgia Lesley (nee Arbuckle) says:

    Hello! So wonderful to have come across your blog! My father was Floyd Walter Arbuckle of Minnesota, son of Daniel (McNiven) Arbuckle and Harriet R. Chapman. I would be very interested if you have any info on Harriet R. Chapmans parents. Hope to hear from you!

  2. susaned1 says:

    Dear Georgia, So glad to meet you! I don’t have any additional information on Harriet however you will want to check the websites of Patti Davidson-Peters as she has lots of Arbuckle data and even a picture of a home where Daniel and Harriet lived. The web address is: sunnyann’t genealogical index. Also, I’ll send you the Email address of Cori Hunt, another descendant of Daniel. It looks like you live in British Columbia, is that right? Cori does also, and I live in Washington State. Thanks so much for your comment and contact. I’ll get back to you with Cori’s information. Regards. Sue

  3. Georgia Lesley says:

    Hi Sue,
    Sorry, I’m not really familiar how to do searches…not sure how to get to the web address you suggested in your post above…tried a few things but no luck. Can you help me out …is there more to the address? Thanks 🙂

  4. susaned1 says:

    Hi Georgia,

    No problems… easiest thing to do would be to just do a google search (or whatever search engine you use) and type in sunnyann’s genealogical index, or if that doesn’t get you there try “patti davidson-peters” (no quotes) and you should see her name on a list. If this doesn’t work let me know and we’ll go another route.

    Bye for now.


    P.S. I know right where Lytton is, have gone up the Fraser River on vacation several times. My parents used to take us to Loon Lake.

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