Births and Deaths of Susanna and Willie Shane

Susan and Robert Shane were parents to three children, my dad and his siblings Susanna and Willie.  Sadly, neither Susanna nor Willie lived beyond childhood and are buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Monticello, Iowa.  Susan (Samels) Shane made a handwritten list of her children’s birth dates and in the cases of Susanna and Willie the death dates are listed as well.  How hard it must have been on her Mother’s heart to list the deaths of two of her children!


susieshanegrave0141Susanna (Susie) B. Shane

February 21, 1893 – September 24, 1894


William J. (Willie) Shane

December 7, 1894 – July 8, 1896 (only the birth date is listed)


1.  Susan (Samels) Shane’s personal list of children’s names.

2.  Photographs of gravestones of Susanna B. and William J. Shane

List and photographs are the sole property of Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington

March 22, 2009, Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington, All rights reserved.

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