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Photograph of Franz and Susanna Samels

This lovely, formal photograph of Franz and Susanna Samels was probably taken in the mid-1860’s.  Her dress with buttons from neckline to waist or a little below was popular at that time and her hair parted in the center and … Continue reading

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Will of Franz Samels 15 January, 1886

Good Evening, Tom Cook gave me a copy of Franz Samels will some time ago and permission to post it more recently.  Since the handwriting is difficult to read  I’ve done a transcription and included original words and punctuation as … Continue reading

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Samels Family Obituaries

I’ve been able to find a number of Samels Family obituaries over the years and want to share them… here they are: PETE SAMELS DIES OF HEART ATTACK Former Merchant of Farmington and Lakeville Drops Dead on Street Peter Samels … Continue reading

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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Map

I thought it might be fun to publish a Luxembourg map showing where our Samels and Nickels ancestral homes were located. Click on the marker near road number “7/A7” to see the location of the Samels home, click on the … Continue reading

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Getting Acquainted With My Luxembourger Ancestors

  Flag of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg About 15 years ago I started poking around at the local Family History facility in Lake Stevens, Washington just a few miles from my home, to see what I could learn about … Continue reading

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Descendants of Franz Samels

Information on the descendants of Franz Samels and other Samels family members can be found on Rootsweb’s WorldConnect project,  authored by Tom Cook. Here is an abbreviated descendancy for Franz Samels.  Please remember that any descendancy chart can contain errors … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Robert Nolan Shane and Susan Clara Samels

My paternal grandparents, Susan Clara Samels and Robert Nolan Shane were married February 17, 1892 in Sand Springs, Iowa. Robert was 29 and Susie 24 when they married. I was able to get some basic information from the Delaware County … Continue reading

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