Frank and Jean Shane, A Love Story

Hello to All,

I’ve recently undertaken a clean-up, re-organize and re-write for my blogs …oh my… it’s taking awhile.  But yesterday I did finish a re-write of my parents story: Frank and Jean Shane, A Love Story and have posted it on Vimeo.  The new version features more pictures and additional data as well (birth dates, etc).

The background music is the work of Philip Boulding and the Magical Strings, located in Olalla Washington.  In addition to writing music, building Irish harps and teaching people to play, Philip and his wife Pam have produced a number of CD’s.  The three tunes included on my presentation are from the “Celtic Mist” 2 CD set.  Here’s a link to Magical Strings website:

To see this 6 1/2 minute “show” click the link!   I hope you enjoy it.

Link to “Frank and Jean Shane, A Love Story:


Copyright October, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington

Photographs are the sole property of Susan Edminster

or are used with permission of the owners.


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