Death of the Shane Brothers

This evening I have a post for you about the Shane brothers….this would be my grandfather Robert Nolan Shane and his brother John.  They died just 12 days apart in 1918 and this article appeared in the Monticello Express, April 18, 1918:

Death of the Shane Brothers

The older Settlers, those who lived in this vicinity, twenty years or more, will remember the Shane family, which lived five miles north of Monticello.  Two of the sons,  Robert N. Shane and John Shane, died within twelve days of each other, last February.  This information we get from W.H. Samels, of Minneapolis who visited the family of Robert N. Shane, one of the deceased, at Portland, Oregon, a short time ago.

Robert N. Shane, who was 55 years of age, died February 18th at Portland.  He was born on the Shane homestead, north of Monticello, and lived there 36 years, when he moved to Minneapolis, about 19 years ago.  After living  in Minneapolis 9 years, he moved to Portland, Oregon, which place was his home for 10 years.  He is survived by his widow, Susie Samels Shane, and one son, Frank L. Shane; also one brother, James Shane, and three sisters, Mary, Nancy and Frances.  His funeral was held at the St. Francis Catholic church, at Portland and interment was made at Mt. Calvary cemetery.

On the 4th of February, twelve days before his death, his brother John Shane died at Portland, at the age of 36 years.  He lived on the  Shane homestead for 21 years, and the rest of his life was spent at Portland.  As we understand it, he was not married but is survived by the brother and the sisters named above.

Note:  According to the death certificates, Robert Shane died of Pernicious Anemia and John of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.


Source:  Monticello Express, April 18, 1918. Digital copy, courtesy of the Monticello Public Library data base.

November 12, 2012, Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, All rights reserved.

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