Robert Arbuckle Handwriting Analysis

In the fall of 2009 I heard a presentation on the “Genealogy Gems Podcast” that had to do with handwriting analysis.  The podcast host, Lisa Louise Cooke was interviewing Paula Sassi,  Certified Master Graphologist and I found the presentation very, very intriguing.  After the broadcast I picked out a few of Mr. Ed’s and my more interesting ancestors and asked Paula to do an analysis.  Robert Arbuckle was one of the lucky ancestors to have his signature analyzed.

Here’s Paula’s analysis:

The following handwriting analysis is based upon the signature of …….Robert Arbuckle.  The signature represents the public self image of the writer or how he wants to project himself to the outside world.

Robert Arbuckle’s signature indicates that he was a strong willed, confident individual.  His health may have been deteriorating at the time of this signing,* but he still had the strength and gumption to move forward.  He appears to be a true Scotsman with a somewhat frugal and cantankerous nature.  The height and loop in  his t-cross shows that he had a strong sense of pride and responsibility and also could be quite persistent in his thought process.  If he made up his mind about something, it was probably hard to get him to change.  At the time of this signing, he may have been feeling a bit detached from his family.  Since this document is to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to his homeland, he may have been somewhat torn in his decision.  As with many immigrants, he came looking for a better life, but still felt attached to his roots.  It looks like he signed below the line of writing which can indicate depression and also a tendency to chart his own course.  The signature then rises and shows that he could also “pull himself up by his bootstraps” and continue in a positive manner.

From these indicators, we can infer that he was a confident, hardworking individual who held tightly to his own ideas and beliefs.  He may even have enjoyed music or singing to himself as a way of relieving tension and stress.  He had a streak of rebelliousness in him and a strong sense of responsibility.

* Signed in 1884, Robert would have been about 63 years old.

Note:  Robert Arbuckle’s signature can be seen here:  Robert Arbuckle Naturalization

Note:  In a subsequent email discussion with Paula, I explained that Robert had committed suicide and it was her feeling that he might never have really reconciled himself to life away from Scotland.


Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, WA, 02/17/2012  All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to Robert Arbuckle Handwriting Analysis

  1. scintillapcg says:

    very interesting. well done mrs. sassi.

  2. susaned1 says:

    Thanks very much for your comment! Sue Edminster

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