Marriage of Anna L. King and William H. Samels

Here’s a copy of the marriage register for William H. Samels and Anna L. King.  It’s a little hard to read but includes lots of information…

The groom is Wm. H. Samels age 31, it’s the first marriage for William.  William’s residence is Chaska, MN and his occupation is listed as “Creamery Business.”  He was born in Aurora, Illinois and his parents are Frank Samels and Susan Nichols.*

The bride is Anna L. King, age 30, resides in Argand, Iowa and was born in Kingston, Canada.  It’s Anna’s first marriage.  Anna’s parents are listed as Thomas King and Mary Nestelle.

The affidavit for this marriage was made by Henry Warner, witnesses were Nic Samels, Steven King and Mary Samels, officiant: Rev. M.S. Murphy, Catholic Priest.


Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, January 20, 2011

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