A Letter from June

June Taylor Murphy* and I have had several visits about the Samels family over the years.  When my sister and I visited Minnesota a few years ago we spent an afternoon with June and enjoyed her company very much.  June has since died and even though our chats weren’t frequent I’m going to miss them.

*Granddaughter of William H. Samels


In going through my files of Samels information I came across some information June had sent me in 1998…. here in her own words is what she shared about the family in that letter:

“…..Frank and my grandpa started the bank in Lakeville in 1899 while still living in Minneapolis.  W.H. had 2 farms in Lakeville.  My grandpa lived in our house from my age of 4 till he died in his 80’s.

Grandpa came from Iowa to Chaska Minnesota, opened his first creamery, moved to Minneapolis in 1898 right before my Mother (Loretta Samels) was born!  She was an only child as he and Anna King weren’t married until in their late 30’s.**  She was from Iowa and all her family generations later are still there.

Peter had a store in Lakeville (this is just south of Minneapolis) and dropped dead there. He had 2 daughters, Hazel and Mary who moved to Minneapolis after he died.

Nick and Grandpa were in wholesale butter and eggs until the depression.  My grandpa was old enough to retire, but Nick manages a parking lot and oil station for years after that.  He had one son, Ray, and daughters Mary and Clara.

Mary (daughter of Franz) was the only one stayed in Iowa at Hopkinton,, died in her sleep.

Rose and her husband went to Montana as settlers, their family stayed, all boys.  The others I never knew.

My dad Ernest Taylor, was grandpa’s accountant, so when the business closed he and Ray Samels both sold insurance, then dad decided to move us out on the farm in 1940 and we have been here since.

I married someone from here so remained after I got out of the Navy.

I had twin brothers, William and Ernest.  Bill is dead and Ernie lives in Minneapolis area was a banker many years.  My Mother died at 50 so I had also 2 step-brothers who are both dead.

Frank had boys and some are still living.

Do write or call collect if you think of something you want………”

signed June Taylor Murphy

**According to the marriage certificate Anna was 30 years old and William 31 when they married.


Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, January 20, 2011

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