Delaware County Marriage Records

Waaay back in 1998 Mr. Ed and I were doing some ancestor searching in Delaware County, Iowa where the Samels and Shane families lived.  So I made notes on several of the marriages and will share those here.  All are from the Delaware County Marriage Record Book, 1880-1900


# 1782 – Affidavit of Nicholas Samels

Groom: Robert Shane, Sands Springs Iowa, Farmer, age 29, born in Iowa

Father: Robert Shane

Mother: Bridget Hogan

1st marriage

Bride:  Susie C. Samels, Sand Springs Iowa, age 24, born in Illinois

Father: Francis Samels

Mother: Susuie (sic) Nicols*

1st marriage

Married Sand Springs Iowa, February 17, 1892 by I. McCormack, Priest

Witnesses: Mary Shane and Nick Samels



Marriage Book F, #3223 Affidavit of Harry Smith

Groom: J.P. Smith, Worthington, Dubuque Co., Iowa, farmer, age 29

1st marriage, born in Delaware County, Iowa

Father: Haller Smith

Mother: Kate Sauser

Bride: Kate Samels, Hopkinton Iowa, age 28

1st marriage, born in Leroy, Illinois

Father: Frank Samels

Mother: Susan Nickols*

Married, Manchester Iowa, Delaware County, September 16, 1901 by J.M. Pearse, J.P.

Witnesses: Harry Smith and Olive Pride



#1583 – Marriage License

Affidavit of Peter P. Samels

Groom: Francis White, Sand Springs Iowa, Farmer, age 27, White, German

Father: Edward White

Mother: Rosa Metute (?)

1st marriage

Bride: Katie Samels, age 18, White, German

Father: Francis Samels

Mother: Susie Nicolls*

Sand Springs Iowa, January 8, 1884

Witnesses: Peter White, Susie Samels

Pastor: P. J. O’Connor

Registered: January 8, 1884



#1671 Affidavit of C.J. Murray

Groom: Peter Samels of Minnesota, Merchant, age 27, born in Illinois

Parents: (?) Samels, Susanna Nichols*

1st marriage

Bride:  Mary Murray, Sand Springs, age 23, White, born in Iowa

Father: James Murray

Mother: Marrianne Rorat

1st marriage

Sand Springs Iowa, April 21, 1891

Witnesses: Chas Murray, Susie Samels

Married by I. McCormack, Pr.

Registered April 21, 1891



#2359 Marriage License

Affidavit of James Shane

Groom: Nicholas D. Samels, Sand Springs, Farmer, age 27, White, born in Aurora, Illinois

Parents: Francis Samels, Susie Nichols*

1st marriage

Bride:  Marrie E. McDonough, age 29, White

Parents:  Francis McDonough, Mary Keyes

Sand Springs Iowa, January 21, 1896

Witnesses: Marrie McDonough, J.P. Schuster

By J. McCormack

Registered January 26, 1896

note: witness Marrie McDonough probably should read “Mary” McDonough



Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, January 17, 2011

All Rights Reserved

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