Photograph of Franz and Susanna Samels

This lovely, formal photograph of Franz and Susanna Samels was probably taken in the mid-1860’s.  Her dress with buttons from neckline to waist or a little below was popular at that time and her hair parted in the center and combed close to the head is also similar to 1860’s women’s styles.  As for Franz, the notched lapels on his suit, his tie as well as his facial hair compare to photographs of early to mid 1860’s. Susanna may have been pregnant at the time this picture was taken as only Frank Arnold Samels was born in Luxembourg.

I wonder if they had the picture taken to send back to family members in Luxembourg.  It certainly shows them as a handsome and prosperous couple in their new life in America.

This picture copy was given to me by June Taylor Murphy, Great Granddaughter of Franz and Susanna.  June has since passed on but if she were her I’d thank her again for the treasure of this picture, and thanks to her brother Ernie for arranging to have it copied.

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, January 14, 2011, All Rights Reserved

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