Passing it on……

As noted in my last post I was recently awarded the “Ancestor Approved” award.  As part of the award process you’re asked to identify 10 more blogs that you enjoy reading and nominate them for the award.  This I’m very happy to do, and thank these writers for the inspiration and pleasure I receive reading their blogs.

I’ve made every attempt to provide correct links, please let me know if there’s an error so I can correct it right away.  Email:

The Family Orchard by Joanna

The Pieces of My Past by Tracy

Our Family Quilt by Mary Ellen

Potato Roots by Beth

Casey’s Genealogy Blog by Casey

‘Over Thy Dead Body’ by Jennifer

Pieces of Wild Rose, WI area Genealogy and My Own by Pam

Rare Ramblings by Jodi

Root Seek by Laura

Adventures of a Fledgling Genealogist by Jessica

OK, so there you have it…. enjoy these blogs as I do.  You’ll enjoy the creativity and variety of topics… they’re amazing!

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, January 10, 2011

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