New Walker Family Picture Albums

Good Evening,

After a long period of fiddling with it I’ve finally managed to add two new items to the Walker Family information.  Both posts are photograph albums… one is general photos of the family going back to William Alexander Walker, the other is photographs of Walker family graves.

Just to let you know… I have many, many more pictures that could be posted but instead of waiting I wanted to open up the photo pages right away and additional pictures will be posted as time permits.

I’ve also changed the way to access the articles and family information, including the genealogy.  Instead of having to search through a variety of posts,  you can now click on the Walker Family tab and get a list of all the files associated with the Walker Family.  Click on an item you’re interested in and the link will take you directly to that article.  The two new photograph albums are the last two on the list.  I was surprised to see that I’ve posted 21 articles about the family (so far) plus the photograph albums.

Back to the new picture albums: When you access the photograph pages you’ll see some options in the lower left corner of the screen that allow you to look at the pictures in a variety of ways, as a grid,mosaic, carousel or slide show.  Also, if you click on the text below a picture it’ll expand with a more complete title.

The other modification I’ve made is more cosmetic:  A new collage header and the denim background, generously provided by our “cousin” Patti Davidson-Peters.  Thank you Patti!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and new format!


Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, May 29, 2010, All Rights Reserved.  Pictures are the sole property of Susan J. Edminster

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1 Response to New Walker Family Picture Albums

  1. Debi Scott Dow Fenimore says:

    I still have not had a chance to get up to the Daly gravesites. I have not forgotten and wanted to keep you updated. I will be in that area at the end of the month and will take photos at that time.
    Hope all is well.

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