Winter Games Progress….Well a Little Anyway…

Hello Friends and Fellow Winter Games Contestants,

Tonight I’ve been working on organizing my blog “Echo Hill Ancestors Weblog.”  I’ve been frustrated over the time I’ve had the blog that the user has to sort of sift through everything to get to the files they’re interested in. So I’m taking a “Pages” approach by having an Index Page for each family so that the reader only has to click on “The Shane Family” or “The Walker Family” etc. to get a list of files categorized for that name.  It’s a tedious thing to put together and I tend to make mistakes with my links!  Aaarrrggggghhhhh! Had to do some over.  But at least I now have two families indexed, The Shane Family and The Walker Family.  Tomorrow maybe I’ll take a break and do some scanning before indexing the other families. Right now my eyes feel crossed and I’m listing to the north!

Sue Edminster

Echo Hills Ancestors Weblog

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