Geneabloggers Winter Games

Hi Everyone,

It hit me this morning that I forgot to write a post about my progress toward all those wonderful medals! Luckily it’s still at the beginning so I don’t have a LOT to report yet. Honestly, remembering to post my progress  might be the hardest part of participating in the Games.

But having said that I did get started yesterday organizing my online storage “cloud” and I want to make sure it really contains what I think it does… so easy to forget what I put there.  I have a MobileMe account to use for this purpose as well as sharing ancestral pictures.  So there’s one project in process.  Also checked out GDrive storage space from Google.

As you see from my blog I created a Surname visualization on Wordle.

So that’s it for this morning… later today there will be more… much more?


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