Lots of Blogs….

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know a little more about our various and sundry blogs:

Echo Hill Ancestors is our blog on the Shane, Walker, Boss, Daly, Hogan and Arbuckle Families.  URL is: https://susaned1.wordpress.com

The Graveyard Rabbit of North Snohomish County is devoted to graveyard studies and pictures, not limited to our family lines.  URL is: http://susaned2.wordpress.com

The Family File is our blog on the Edminster, Neust, Hartwell, Leach, Higley and Sherman Families. URL is http://susaned3.wordpress.com

The Four Dog Blog, and Life at Echo Hill Farm, is devoted to our four legged friends and everyday life out here in the sticks.  URL is http://susaned4.wordpress.com

Stop by for a visit when you can….


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2 Responses to Lots of Blogs….

  1. Susan, when I try to add Echo Hill to my Google Reader using the feed icons you have on the site, it keeps trying to add your Family File blog instead (which I’ve already added). Seems like the feed link for Echo Hill is incorrect. I’d love to add it to my reader!

  2. Never mind. I discovered I’d already added Echo Hill to my reader and so when I tried to add it again, Google Reader took me to the last post of the last blog I had added, which was Family File. Duh! OK, so now I’ve added all three of your genie blogs to my Reader. I’m good to go! 🙂

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