Descendants of William George Walker

William George Walker, b. abt. 1820 in Ireland.
Married Margaret Amelia Daly December 11, 1841 at Woodstock, Ontario
Died abt. 1877, Fordwich, Huron County, Ontario

Child of William George Walker and Margaret Amelia Daly:
William Alexander Walker, b. March 19, 1843 in Ontario, Canada
Married Jane (Jeannie) Arbuckle in 1863 in Ontario, Canada
Children of William Alexander Walker and Jeannie Arbuckle:

George Alexander Walker, b. November 27, 1865 in Ontario, Canada
Margaret Amelia (Millie) Walker, b. October 1, 1868 in Missouri
Mary Emma Walker, b. in March, 1872 in Missouri
Jane Ann (Annie) Walker, b. February 1874 at Joplin, Missouri
Caroline Alma (Callie) Walker, b. March 22, 1876 at Garner, Iowa
Chester A. Walker, b. March 22, 1876 at Garner, Iowa
Olive Maud Walker, b. February 5, 1878 at Bluffton, Minnesota
William Henry Walker, b. October 31, 1979 at Bluffton, Minnesota
Charlotte I.Walker, b. August 21, 1881 at Bluffton, Minnesota
Kathleen (Babe) Walker, b. August 16, 1885 at Bluffton, Minnesota
Edith Ione Walker, b. February 22, 1889 at Bluffton, Minnesota
Ruth Irene Walker, b. June, 1891 at Bemidji, Minnesota

This is a very abreviated list, for more complete information review related material on this blog.
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