Descendants of Andrew Jackson Boss

Generation I

Andrew Jackson Boss, born c. 1839 in Lewis County, N.Y., died March 25, 1891 in Detroit (Lakes) Minnesota.

Married Zilpha M. Shipman, daughter of Thomas H. Shipman and Elsie M. Wait, July 18, 1856 in Michigan

Generation II

Alice Boss, born about 1866 in Michigan

Georgiana Boss, born June 7, 1867 in Augusta Michigan, died January 29, 1926 in Bemidji, Minnesota

Minnie E. Boss, born December 17, 1869 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, died May 2, 1941 in Idaho

William T. Boss, born in June, 1871 in MIchigan, died September 19, 1932 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Elsie Boss, born abt. October, 1872 in Michigan, died February 23, 1873 in Michigan

Charles B. Boss, born April 30, 1874 in Michigan, died November 27, 1947 in California

Generation III

Georgiana Boss married George Alexander Walker, son of William Alexander Walker and Jeannie Arbuckle on December 31, 1889 in Detroit (Lakes) Minnesota. Their children:

Elsie May Walker, born March 8, 1892 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, died January 11, 1966 in Cathlamet, Washington

Nellie Walker, born about 1893/1894, died in Iron River, Wisconsin about 1896

William Andrew Walker, born March 10, 1895 in Iron River Wisconsin, died December 13, 1941 in St. Paul, Minnesota

George Alexander Walker, Jr. was born December 24, 1896 in Iron River, Wisconsin, died March 5, 1957 in Camp White, Oregon

Frederick Daly Walker was born February 20, 1899, he died in 1974 in Portland, Oregon

Osburne Walker was born June 12, 1902 in Bemidji, Minnesota, he died in infanthood in Bemidji, Minnesota

Evadne Jean Walker was born April 24, 1904 in Bemidji, Minnesota, she died September 19, 1963 in Seattle, Washington.

Minnie E. Boss married D. S. Whittemore December 17, 1885 in Detroit (Lakes) Minnesota. Their children:

Andrew Whittemore, born about 1887

Florence Mabel Whittemore, born about 1891

Drew S. Whittemore, born about 1893

Georgiana Whittemore, born about 1895

Leonard Whittemore, born about 1898

Evan Whittemore, born about 1902

James L. Whittemore, born about 1905

Nolen N. Whittemore, born about 1909

William T. Boss married Gemalia Josephine (Millie) Birkland, April 11, 1899 in Shelly, Minnesota. Their children:

Arthur W. Boss, born June 1899, died July 27, 1900 in Detroit (Lakes) Minnesota

Agnes M. Boss, born August 13, 1900 in Detroit (Lakes) Minnesota

Thomas O. Boss, born about 1903

Minnie Ruth Boss, born December 4, 1904 in Detroit (Lakes) Minnesota

Clara Josephine Boss, born January 23, 1907 in Minnesota and died June 30, 1907 in Minnesota

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