Dogs, Blogs and Dust Bunnies

Signs of the coming spring are beginning to show here in the Northwest.  For one thing the coyotes are screaming at night and I suppose that means there will soon be pups and then even more coyote screaming and yipping. The resident rabbit population will need to go into hiding if it wants to survive.

Another sign of spring is the arrival of many, many extra dust bunnies at our house, in fact they’re not bunnies at all but the size of full grown rabbits!  Since our primary heat source is a wood stove this gives rise to the large dust bunny population as well as layers of dust in every nook and cranny.  Many of them have no doubt been lurking about for awhile but now that the days are sunnier and also a bit longer the bunnies are much more noticeable, just begging to have a visit with the broom and dust mops.  Our house has lots of large windows so today it was time to attack the layer of dust and smoke that had accumulated on the glass and also the valances were looking a bit droopy, and no wonder when I saw the layer of dust and smoke clinging on to them!!  Oh my.  So I bravely went at it and now have sparkling clean windows you can actually see through, clean valances and a reduced population of dust bunnies.  My eyes feel as though they’re full of gravel but that’s a small price to pay.

Because of all this flurry of activity over the last several days I’ve not done any blogging so it’s time to start catching up with some posts.  I’ve been toying with the idea of making the two family history blogs back into static sites and leaving “The Four Dog Blog” and “The Graveyard Rabbit of North Snohomish County” in blog format.  Static sites might work better for the readers of the history blogs but the other two lend themselves quite well to blogging.  Well, we’ll have to see how the dust bunny population explodes before making a decision on that.  Meanwhile, I’m preparing a new post for “The Four Dog Blog” for tonight before getting back to our record digitizing project.  All that writing should allow plenty of time for the dust bunny population to explode again!

February 21, 2009, Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, All Rights Reserved.

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