Daly Marriages – Delaware

Good evening,

Ancestry recently posted some marriage records from Delaware and three of them are descendants of our ancestor Captain Alexander Daly. Daly names names in the index include Alexander Malcolm Daly, Clara C. Daly and Marietta Alberta Daly. It’s fun to see the old ledgers, but they’re pretty well unreadable for a post so I’ll transcribe them and provide the source citations should you want to check the records yourself. Here you are:

Date: April 24, 1895
Alexander Malcolm Daly, age 27, born in Canada, resides in Wyoming, occupation: School Teacher. (parents names not recorded)
Lono Donaho Scott, age 23, born in Delaware, no occupation given: parents names: G.M. and Mrs. Scott

Date: October 23, 1900
John Edward Hancock, age 26, born in Delaware, resides in Porter, occupation: telegraph operator, parents names: David Hancock
Marietta Alberta Daly, age 23, born in Delaware. resides in Dover, (no occupation given) parents names: Fred F. Daly and Thyrsa Daly

Date: October 8, 1904
Frederick Bell, age 24, residence: Dover (Delaware) occupation: contractor, parents names: John Bell, born in Pennsylvania, Emma Jacobs, born in Delaware
Clara C. Daly, age 21, residence: Dover (Delaware) (no occupation given) parents names: Frederick F. Daly, born in Canada, Thyrsa Malcolm

SOURCE: Delaware Marriage Records, 1744-1912, Ancestry.com, Digital Archives, Accessed 12/29/2008

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2 Responses to Daly Marriages – Delaware

  1. susaned1 says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for your contact. Seems like all these Daly’s should somehow be related but I sure don’t have the linking information. I’ll let you know if I come across anything on your James and Priscilla. Good to hear from you..
    BTW I live in Washington State in the USA.


  2. Deborah Dow Fenimore says:

    I stumbled across this site while researching my family tree. I am the great granddaughter of Alexander Malcolm Daly. My great grandmother’s name was Lono and my grandmother was Pauline Daly, of Dover, DE. I am the daughter of Dorothy Malcolm Fryer ( Dow)
    Can anyone assit me? I am searching for relatives or more information about my family. Thank you so very much.
    Deborah Dow Fenimore
    Lewes, DE

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