Three Wishes – My Letter to Genea-Santa asking for Love Letters and more!

Dear Genea-Santa,
How can I wish for just three things? There are so many items my ancestors could give me…. sigh…. OK, I’ll stick to three.

Number one:
I’d love to have a photograph album from my Great-grandmother Bridget (Hogan) Shane. Does one exist? Probably not any more but I bet at one time she had every member of the family in her album, all dressed in their best. All the pictures would be identified of course! The album would have been started in Limerick, Ireland before Bridget came to the states, married Great-grandfather Robert Shane and settled in Iowa. It would contain a picture of her home in Limerick with her parents in the front, maybe digging potatoes out of the garden, and then a wedding picture of she and Robert followed by pictures of her eight children at various ages. Oh what fun I’d have with that album!

Number two:
From Great-grandfather Robert Shane I’d like a copy of the ship manifest when he traveled to America, along with his naturalization documents. His picture would be in Bridget’s photo album so I wouldn’t be needing another one.

Number three:
Again from the Shane family I’d like to have the love letters between my paternal grandparents Robert Nolan Shane and Susan Clara Samels. I have no idea whether or not they wrote love letters but since they lived a few farms from each other in South Fork Township, Delaware County Iowa they might have. Maybe they had a secret spot in the hollow of a tree where those special notes could be left. Susan and Robert were married in Sand Springs Iowa on February 17, 1892 and their first child Susanna was born just a year later…. Susanna’s picture would be in Bridget’s photograph album along with all the other family pictures.

Now a word to Genea-Santa: When do you expect to drop these items off? I’ll leave you a sandwich and some homemade cookies if you’ll just let me know when……
And in case you want to know…. I was a very good girl all this year!

Your Friend,

Written by Susan J. Edminster, December 12, 2008 for 62nd Genealogy Carnival, “Three Wishes” category. All rights reserved.

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