Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know Echo Hill Ancestors…

Well Terry, I must admit to resisting this carnival and I guess it’s kind of silly, but having to identify my “best’ or my “breeziest” etc., makes me start to squirm. Still, it’s time to introduce myself as I’m pretty new to blogging with just over one year & 123 posts under my belt, so here goes (blushing all the way).

My name is Susan Edminster but I go by Sue. My family includes three dogs, two cats and one husband. Various and sundry children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren come and go leaving behind love in the form of hugs and kisses and occasionally a color crayon picture. Our home is in the beautiful foothills of the Cascade Mountains in western Washington State and the nearest town Granite Falls, is on the map, but barely. “Echo Hill” is the name of our little corner of the world.

As I’ve mentioned in some other posts I got started in genealogy quite by accident about 15 years ago with a visit to the courthouse in Bemidji, Minnesota . When I asked to look at their records I had no idea that on the very first page in the very first volume on the fourth line was my Mother’s birth record. Imagine… I still remember which line it was on. Anyway, that did it…. never looked back and have only slightly changed direction by studying the family history as a primary objective and the genealogy coming along as the sidekick.

Now comes the hard part: Identifying the three best articles…. hmmmmmm…… let’s see…..

For the brightest article I choose: A Bit of Edminster History:

The reason for choosing this article is the drama involved in the story of the Edminster family’s journey to America after their ancestor John Edminsteire was captured by Cromwell’s forces in Scotland in 1650. Their story is the stuff of a movie plot!

For the breeziest article I choose: Pit and Siz:

I chose this article because it shows the zany side of the Shane Family and how my life was influenced by laughter. One day I’ll write an autobiography titled” “Growing Up Laughing”

For the most beautiful article I choose “Jeannie Arbuckle:” written for the “Smile for the Camera Carnival.

“Jeannie” is a simple picture of my Great-Grandmother and her child. There’s a poignancy about the picture and there’s really nothing more I can say about it. The child’s poem evokes, I believe, the spirit of the photo.

So there you have it…. getting to know me, getting to know Echo Hill Ancestors. If you should decide to have a look at some of these articles you’ll know me a bit and I’d welcome hearing from all you fellow writers of family history and genealogy.

There now, that wasn’t so hard after all!

Sue Edminster

Echo Hill Ancestors Weblog

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