Children of George A. Walker and Georgiana Boss

The Walkers, who were known as “George and Georgie” were parents to seven children, five of whom lived into adulthood. In the above picture all are dressed in their best to pose for the photographer….. a very handsome family indeed!

The children:

Elsie May Walker was born March 8, 1892 in Walker, Minnesota and probably was named for her maternal great-grandmother Elsie (Waite) Shipman. Elsie married Ralph Marshall Everest on December 31, 1913 at the home of her parents in Bemidji, Minnesota. Ralph,  the postmaster in Zippel Minnesota, and Elsie, a school teacher, homesteaded at Lake of the Woods, Minnesota and operated a grocery store in Zippel for a time before returning to Bemidji. Four children were born to the Everests. Ralph suffered from poor health so the family moved west to Cathlamet, Washington in hope that his condition would improve, as it did. He was able to have employment with West Coast Power Co. and later the West Brothers, and the Everests also had a small farm in Cathlamet. Elsie’s brother Dale was an employee of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company and Elsie went to work there in 1927. Manual switchboards were still in use at that time. Elsie eventually became the office manager until her retirement in 1955; She died January 11, 1966 and Ralph in July of 1977.

Nellie Walker was born about 1893-1894 in Iron River, Wisconsin and died in 1895. A note dated December 5th to Mrs. George Walker: “Dear Sister, With the sympathy, and love of the W.C.T.C. the Corresponding Secertary takes the responsibility of these lines. Hoping that they speak the feeling of our members. They are presented to you with sincere regard. Signed L.M. Drummond, Cor. Sec. W.C.T.U.”

“Sister we have shared thy sorrow, And the burdens, on thee laid.
We have asked a glad tomorrow, And for sunshine we have prayed.
Think not we forget the sadness. That must spring up in the heart.
Or the love, that is so tender, That it makes the teardrops start.
We have felt this depth of sorrow, over loved ones of our own,
When our Heavenly Father called them, Oh! What sadness we have known.
Yet we know he gave them to us, lent them for a little while.
Shall we doubt His love in darkness, more than when we see His smile?”

William Andrew Walker was born March 10, 1895 in Iron River Wisconsin, the third child of George and Georgiana and their first son. His given names are for his paternal grandfather William Walker and maternal grandfather Andrew Boss. William, who was known as Bill or Billie served in World War I and according to his draft registration information was of medium height, slender, had blue eyes and dark hair. On June 22, 1927 Bill married Pearl Marie Nelson and they were parents to one daughter, Shirley Ann. Bill was active in the Bemidji Masonic Lodge and was employed by the Minnesota and International Railroad. He died suddenly on December 15, 1941 and is buried in the Walker Family plot in Greenwood Cemetery, Bemidji.

George Alexander Walker Jr. was born December 24, 1896 in Iron River, Wisconsin. After he returned from France during World War I, George married Avis Miami Guyer, daughter of Avis and Michael Guyer. The wedding date was June 21, 1919. Avis and George became the parents of three daughters. Since he was badly shell shocked during the war George was in poor health the rest of his life. He worked for the Railroad and was transferred to Pocotello, Idaho where he also had a Red & White grocery store for a time, and later the family moved to Longview, Washington where he was employed by Longview Fibre Company. Avis died on January 20, 1947 in Longview, George died March 5, 1957 and is buried at the Camp White Domiciliary for veterans near Medford, Oregon.

Frederick Daly Walker (known as Dale), was born February 20, 1899. According to census records his birthplace was Washington State, but this seems suspect given that the family lived either in Wisconsin or Minnesota at the time. Dale, like his brothers served in World War I and as a result of the war suffered health problems for the rest of his life. He was employed by the Minnesota and International Railroad and after moving west became and employee of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company in Cathlamet, Washington. Mabel Graham became Dale’s bride and they were parents to two children. Mabel Walker died March 31, 1950, Dale on August 31, 1974.

Osborn Walker was born June 12, 1902 in Bemidji, Minnesota, and died in infancy.

Evadne Jean Walker (known as Jean) was born April 24, 1904 in Bemidji, Minnesota, the last of the Walker children. Jean grew up in Bemidji and the family lived in an apartment above the depot for several years while her Father was the Station Agent. On December 31, 1926 Jean married Francis (Frank) Leo Shane, a native of Iowa and the son of Robert Nolan Shane and Susan Clara Samels. The wedding was held at the home of Jean’s parents. The Shanes had three children, and made their home in Portland, Oregon before settling in Seattle, Washington. Jean Walker Shane suffered from heart trouble due to a childhood bout of Rheumatic Fever and was ill most of her adult life. She died on September 19, 1963 as a result of congestive heart failure. Jean was just 59 years old when she died.


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Copyright Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington, 2008

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