Last Will and Testament of W. G. Walker

William George Walker’s will was made on June 9, 1877. The format is difficult to read and too large to scan so I’ve transcribed the text below, keeping capitalizations and grammatical context intact:

This Indenture witnesseth that I, William George Walker, of the Town Plot of Fordwich in the County of Huron and Province of Ontario being of Sound and disposing mind memory and understanding do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former last wills and testaments and writings in the nature of last wills and testaments heretofore by me made.

My Will is first that my funeral charges and just debts shall be paid by my Executrix hereinafter named.

The residue of my estate goods chattels household goods and all that I am now possessed in any way whatsoever to my beloved Wife Melinda Walker her Executors administrators and assigns, to her and them for their sole and only use forever and I hereby appoint my said beloved wife to be my sole Executrix to this my last will and testament.

Signed: W.G.Walker

In witness whereof I, the said William George Walker, have this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this ninth day of June in the year A.D. One thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven in the presence of the undersigned and in the presence of each other.

Signed: Stephen Ketchum

Signed: Arthur Mitchell

Signed: John Hutchison

All the three witnesses reside in the aforesaid Town Plot of Fordwich.”

Attached to the will was the sworn statement of Stephen Ketchum dated September 15, 1877:

“County of Huron, To Wit

I Stephen Ketchum of the Town Plot of Fordwich in the County of Huron, (Boot and Shoe maker) make Oath and Say:———

1. That I was personally present on the ninth day of June A.D. 1877, and did see Willilam George Walker, sign seal and execute his last will and testament on that date.

2. That the said Will was Executed at the Town Plot of Fordwich.

3. That I know the said party.

4. That I am a subscribing witness to the said will.

5. That the within is a true and correct copy of the said last will and testament of William George Walker, aforesaid.

Sworn before me at Fordwich in the County of Huron this (15) fifteenth day of September 1877.

(signed) Stephen Ketchum

(signed) John James Sweetman”

The jacket of the document is dated 18 Sept. ’77, 10 wk Will Book, I-302 and includes a statement that isn’t readable.

SOURCE: Last Will and Testament of William George Walker, copy: personal collection of Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington


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