How I Became Addicted to Genealogy!

About 15 years ago my husband and I visited Bemidji Minnesota which is where my Mother grew up. On a whim we went into the Beltrami County Courthouse and asked if there were any records available for viewing and were taken to a small room packed with old leather-bound records. At that point I didn’t know what I was looking for and hadn’t even brought paper on which to take notes, but went ahead and opened the earliest volume, which started in 1900, and there about six entries down was my Mother’s birth record. That did it! I was hooked! The record stated that my grandfather was born in Canada and that was new information, and of course his date of birth and that of my grandmother were given….. and then there was the entry for Osborn Walker my Mother’s brother who died in infancy that I’d not known about. By the time we left there my heart and brain were racing along with excitement about genealogy and family history. And the rest as they say “is history.”

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3 Responses to How I Became Addicted to Genealogy!

  1. patrice everest says:

    thanks for sharing info and all. My dad is in canandaigua ny, he is ralph m everest, jr. and has been putting together some books and info for his 3 children and grandchildren. he was born in 1926 Beemidji, he was sent to Dudley and Hannah Everest at about 1-2 year old. My sister is in australia now and has become more familiar with the west coast relitives. Glad to have the net to share, i never met Elsie. Patrice

  2. susaned1 says:

    Hi Patrice,
    Your dad and I are first cousins. I’m the daughter of Jean Walker, sister to Elsie Everest. Thanks for contacting me… love to hear from you or your dad again.
    Sue Edminster

  3. patrice everest says:

    hi Sue: I did not notice your comment til now. thanks for the clarification. I will be seeing dad thursday and share this with him. the pictures are great too as I don’t think i ever saw one of Elsie and only met Ralph sr. once in the 1970’s. My sister and one of my children met Carol and Marian. My son was eight at the time and loved meeting them. They must have been good to him. be well and thanks Patrice

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