13th Michigan Infantry Memorials

Good Evening,

I discovered I had a few more pictures of Civil War memorials to the 13th Michigan Infantry, the unit in which our ancestor Andrew Jackson Boss served. These are some pictures I took at Chickamauga battlefield about five years ago.

Names of the Officer’s in Buell’s Brigade


Dedicated to the 13th Michigan Infantry Sharpshooters


The Text Reads:

About 3 am of September 20th the Brigade, leaving its skirmishers to follow at daylight was moved with the Division to the slope West of this position where it remained in bivouac until 9 o’clock. At that hour the Division moved forward to relieve Negley’s on the line, and this Brigade formed in the woods at the Western edge of the Brotherton field, with Harker’s Brigade on its left


The Text Reads:

The Brigade reached this position about 3:30 pm and formed in two lines facing East with the road between them. Upon the repulse of Davis’ troops in front it charged forward, and after hard fighting was forced back across the low ground to the West of the road. There the Brigade rallied and retook the ground of its first advance. Under a charge from the enemy it was again driven back to the road but immediately advanced and regained its ground.

A final assault of the enemy was repulsed and the Brigade line advanced a short distance. The troops encountered were Robertson’s and Benning’s Brigades of Law’s Division. The Brigade, formed in two lines lay on its arms until 3 am on Sept. 20 when it moved to a position North of Widow Glen’s.


The Text Reads:

This monument marks the position where the regiment performed its most important service, September 19, 1883. Casualties: Engaged 217, killed 4, wounded 38, missing 25. Total loss 107. On the 18th of September, 1883 the Regiment occupied a position near Lee and Gordon’s Mill, on the 19th at 2:30 pm moved to this position where it was engaged until dark on the 20th. Moved with its Brigade to the left where it was engaged near the right flank of the Army until night closed the battle.


SOURCE: Photographs: personal collection of Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington

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5 Responses to 13th Michigan Infantry Memorials

  1. tom weber says:

    Qould love to read more about the 13th michigan infantry

  2. susaned1 says:

    Thanks for your comment. Is there a specific person or item you’re interested in or general info about the 13th?
    Sue E.

  3. Charlene MacKersie Sloan says:

    My ggrandfather, Jesse Benson McBane was in the 13th Michigan Infantry. He joined when he was 16 yrs old and was the baby of the regiment. Charlene MacKersie Sloan

  4. susaned1 says:

    Very nice to hear from you Charlene. Do you know what his rank was or any other details?

    Sue E.

  5. Karen Warn says:

    My husband’s great-grandfather, Daniel Warn and also his great-grandfathers brother, Enos Warn were members of the 13th Michigan Infantry, Company I. Daniel Warn enlisted as a private 9 Dec 1861, discharged 6 Aug 1865 as a Sergeant. Served 3 years 7 months and 27 days. Enos Warn served from 17 Feb 1864 to 25 July 1865, 1 year 5 months and 8 days. These dates are according to the 1890 Veterans Schedule. Until I started doing genealogy my husband knew nothing about them. There was also another brother Ephriam that served with the 7th Michigan Infantry Company I. He also served the majority of the war. No one had ever passed any stories down, at least not to my husband. Daniel died at the age of 58 in Dec of 1858 and is buried in New Ulm, Minnesota. Only one photograph exists of him (that we know of). Thank you so much for this info…..Karen Warn

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