A Letter to George Walker


I thought it might be interesting to post this letter from Andrew J. Boss to his future son-in-law George Walker. The letter is written on October 3, 1889, Georgiana Boss and George Walker were married on December 31, 1889.

Here’s the text of page one:

“Detroit, Oct. 3, 1889

Geo. A. Walker. Bluffton

I am thinking of taking a run down to Wadena Saturday and if I can get back any time Sunday or Sunday night I might come over to Bluffton Saturday afternoon and see how you look now that your mind is settled. Isn’t it just too lovely to think what a delicious heavenly calm settles softly down all one’s soul just after the momentous question is settled, and she whose image is engraved on the front gable of our heart has given her blushing consent no, no,—- never mind, I know it ourself. But I want to look over the ground where I had many trials and some very rich experiences —- Tell me if you can halt one of”…..(continued below)

page two continues:

“late trains Sunday so I can get home for work on Monday if so you shall have the best consolation I have to peddle.

Tearfully Yours

A.J. Boss”

Great-Grandfather Boss must have had a droll sense of humor!

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