Boss Family Home

Good Evening,

The Boss Family settled in Detroit, Minnesota between 1880 and 1885. Since Andrew Boss was a miller and carpenter it’s likely he built this home himself. Note: Detroit became Detroit Lakes in 1929. A later picture shows vines growing up over the porch, a hammock and baby carriage, and some of the family seated out in the yard. Sweet peas were growing up the front of the bay window.

What an elegant home this must have been! Just look at the detail under the bay window and the lovely porch and front door window. It appears to have a foundation made of stones.

Here’s a hand-drawn image of the floor plan. It includes written notes indicating what the rooms were used for, i.e. Ma’s loom room, sitting room, Charlie’s room, pantry, kitchen and dining room. There are also several cryptic notes: “3 years ago, nice room, 4th of July, he did not wash clean, awful poor.” We can only guess what these notes mean.

SOURCE: Susan Edminster, photograph privately held.

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