I’ve always loved animals and our family had many different kinds of pets while I was growing up: cats and sometimes litters of kittens, rabbits, chickens, and DOGS!

The one pet that stands out above all was our dog “Beans”. Beans was a certified “mutt” but the pictures I see of him now make me think of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or possibly an American Bull Terrier, better known today as a Pit Bull. So that gives you an idea of his supposed parentage and a feeling for his personality.

If you had a good look at Beans you’d see that his coat resembled a plate of baked beans. Our very proper Mother referred to Beans’ color as “Shit-Brindle.”

Beans and I at the beach

Beans had the typical personality of a Bull Terrier in that he was very loyal to the family and would follow us kids wherever we went to play. Mom said she always knew where we were because there would be Beans along side of us.

One of Beans’ favorite games was to play tug-of-war and at this he was very good. The game would start in the typical way with Beans pulling on an old blanket in one direction and my brother Bob pulling the other. Then the game would progress to Bob slowly moving in a circle while Beans set his jaw, and eventually around and around the two would go with Beans becoming airborne and Bob becoming very dizzy! When the game ended Beans would stagger happily off, bleeding around the gums from gripping so tightly, and Bob would sit down to try to regain his equilibrium. One day our cousin George decided to play this game and about the time Beans became airborne, he (Beans) started losing his grip. To hold on he released and re-grabbed the towel several times until he grabbed once too often and bit poor George on the hand. This required a trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot. End of game.

Beans, Cousin Ralph and I about 1941

Good old Beans lived to the ripe old age of 15 years. Dad was having the car repaired and in those days the garage mechanic would pick up the car and take it in. This particular day when the mechanic backed the car out of the garage he ran over Beans who may have been sleeping, but more likely was dead, (at least that was what mom told me.) The mechanic picked Beans up, took him away and buried him before calling mom to explain what had happened. All this happened on December 17, 1945 according to my Aunt Elsie’s diary which contained this cryptic entry, “The Shane’s dog Beans died today.”


Written June 12, 2008 for the Carnival of Genealogy. Susan J. Edminster

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3 Responses to BEANS

  1. wendylittrell says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! And this is why I always look behind me before pulling out of the driveway – just in case a neighbor’s or stray dog is out there.

  2. Janet Iles says:

    Thanks for sharing your story about Beans. I love how you have framed the photos.

  3. susaned1 says:


    Glad you liked the frames, I used the Picnik program to do them.


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