Andrew J. Boss, Military Service

My last post about Andrew Boss covered his enlistment and muster into the Union army during the Civil War. Here, then is the story of his military service.

During his service Andrew was present at the Field of Shiloh (Tennessee) April 6th and 7th and the Siege of Corinth (Mississippi) from April 29 to June 10, 1862. In September of 1862 he was left in the hospital at Louisville, Kentucky while the 13th Michigan Infantry moved on, and in December of that year Andrew left the hospital without permission and returned home to Michigan. Eventually he was reported as a deserter and charges were drawn up against him. A summary of these activities shows the following activity:

Andrew J. Boss, Private, Company K, 13th Regiment, Michigan Infantry

November, 1862 to August 1863, absent, left sick in hospital, Louisville, Kentucky, October 1, 1862

September, 1863. Absent without leave October 1, 1862

October, 1863. Deserted from hospital at Louisville, Kentucky in December, 1862

February, 1864. Absent with leave as Veteran February 15, 1864

January to April, 1865. Absent sick at Savannah, Georgia, January 2, 1865

June, 1865. June 25, 1865 Louisville, Kentucky, discharged, Surgeon’s Certificate of Disability


Charges and Specifications against Andrew J. Boss, Private of Co. K, 13th Michigan Volunteers:

Charge: Absent without leave

Specification: Is this that the said Andrew J. Boss having been left sick in hospital at Louisville KY on or about the 30th day of September, 1862 did leave said hospital without proper authority and go to his home in Michigan and did not report himself until on or about the 16th day of October 1863 when he reported to the General Hospital at Davenport Iowa, and reported in person to his Regiment then encamped on Chickamauga Creek Tennessee on or about the 11th day of December, 1863.

Signed: Henry C. Holt, Captain, Company K

Subsequent to his return in 1863, Andrew Boss was discharged and then allowed to re-enlist for another three years of service. He was at this time 27 years old and described as being a “good and truthful” soldier. And so Andrew was once again in the 13th Michigan Infantry, but on June 25, 1865 he was discharged by Certificate of Disability because of “Chronic Diarrhea originating 18th months since and continuing with short intervals till the present six months.” “His disability is now total and has been so for six months.”

Discharge papers indicated that he would be living at Stony Creek, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

SOURCE: NARA, Copy of “Returns” for 13th Michigan Infantry, Andrew J. Boss

SOURCE: NARA, Copy of “Army of the United States. Certificate of Disability for Discharge” dated June 25, 1865 and signed by Peter VanArsdale, Lt. Col.

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