Andrew Jackson Boss

My Great-Grandfather Andrew Jackson Boss was born about 1838-1839 in Lewis County New York. This is according to the Volunteer Enlistment form dated January 18, 1864 on the occasion of his second enlistment into the Union Army. He was 25 years old at the time and had already served a first enlistment starting November 23, 1861 with a first muster date of January 17, 1862.

Andrew served as a Private in the 13th Michigan Infantry, and per the Company Descriptive Book was 5 ft 9 1/2 inches tall with a light completion, grey eyes and light brown hair. His occupation in civilian life was as a Miller.

Volunteer Enlistment of Andrew Boss

Volunteer Enlistment, Andrew Jackson Boss (click on thumbnail)

Page from the Company Description Book (click on thumbnail)

It was great to get these papers describing my Great-Grandfather’s physical appearance as I have no pictures of him. As you might guess from these documents there’s more to the story of Andrew J. Boss’ military service so I’ll cover “the rest of the story” with my next post.


SOURCE: NARA; Veterans Military Record file; Copy of Volunteer Enlistment form for Andrew Jackson Boss dated January 18, 1864.

SOURCE: NARA; Veterans Military Record file; Copy of a single page of the Company Descriptive Book for Company K, 13th Michigan Infantry, describing Andrew J. Boss.

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