Great-Grandpa Walker makes the News!

Hi Friends,

Some time ago my Great-Grandfather, William Alexander Walker was featured on Colleen Fitzpatrick’s excellent “Forensic Genealogy” website.

Many of you are already aware that Colleen features a picture each week along with the opportunity to solve a puzzle about the picture. In this case the puzzle question was: “What is the earliest date this picture could have been taken?” If you want to learn the answer, just visit the “Forensic Genealogy Website” where the clues will be revealed.

Colleen has now featured this same picture in her article “Details, Details, Details” in the current issue of Ancestry Magazine. And don’t I wonder what Great-Grandfather would have thought about all this!

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2 Responses to Great-Grandpa Walker makes the News!

  1. Janice Brown says:

    Perhaps if Great-grandfather Walker knew his descendant would be looking for him, he would have left better notes 🙂


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