Scott and Daly Canning Factory

Photograph of the Scott and Daly Canning Factory in Dover Delaware. Date of photo is August 8, 1929. The factory was owned by Alexander M. Daly, son of Frederick F. Daly, and Ned Scott, the younger brother of Lono Scott Daly, wife of Alexander. Click on the thumbnail for a full sized picture.


SOURCE: Delaware Public Archives, Hall of Records, Dover, Delaware, 19901. Photograph # 1380.6

Photograph used with permission of the Delaware Public Archives, October 29, 2007. Visit the Delaware Public Archives at

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1 Response to Scott and Daly Canning Factory

  1. Deborah Fenimore Lewes, DE says:

    Ned Scott was my favorite uncle. He would always give me a dollar when I went to visit him and Aunt Lena at the State St. house in Dover, DE. He is the brother of my great grandmother, Lono Scott Daly. Her nickname was Big Nona…don’t ask me why. I believe my brother John started that nickname when he was very small. The next time I am in Dover, I will get a picture of the Scott house. Debi

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