The Daly Family of Ontario, Canada

The Daly family made their home in the hamlet of Vandecar, Township of East Oxford, just a few short miles to the south of Woodstock in Oxford County, Ontario. Their home in 1851 was listd as a “Frame Cottage” indicating that they were probably people of some means, and in 1853 they were one of just three residents of Vandecar to own a pleasure carriage. According to the “History of East Oxford” these carriages were valued at five to 20 pounds. In addition, the Daly’s owned several large properties.

George Alexander Daly who was generally referred to as “Captain Daly” married Jane (unknown). Some records indicate his occupation as “Yeoman, and it appears he was employed for some years by the British East India company in Calcutta, India. Both Alexander and Jane were born in Ireland and as noted on the descendant’s page were parents of eight children, four of them born in Calcutta, one born in Ireland and three in Canada West.

Exact dates of some of the Daly children’s birthdays are yet to be found. However we do have marriage records showing that Margaret Amelia is the second daughter and Catherine Louisa the third. India Office Ecclesiastical Returns provide christening dates as follows: Margaret, 11 February, 1824, Catherine, 21 August, 1825.

The family evidently lived in India for some time. Based on the children’s birth years they were in Calcutta at least from 1824 -1832 when Julia Ann was born and it appears that the Daly family then returned to Ireland where Caroline was born, and then to Ontario where Captain Daly was granted 100 acres of Crown Land in 1835. Frederick Ferris Daly’s birth location has been variously recorded as Ireland, Canada West, and even “at sea.” It’s possible that Jane and Alexander Daly were also parents to other children. For example there’s a record of a child born June 21, 1818 to “The lady of Captain Daly,” H.M. 34th Regiment, of a daughter, and also the death of one Martha Daly, age 8 months on May 20, 1823 who was the daughter of the “Sergeant of the Barrack Dept.” Are these children of Jane and Alexander? At this point we really don’t know.

As the Daly children grew, they of course began to marry and have children of their own. Here’s what we know of their marriages and families:

Margaret Amelia Daly married William George Walker on December 11, 1841. Rev. William Bettridge performed the ceremony. Margaret and William had one child, William Alexander Walker born March 19, 1843. Margaret Amelia died June 13, 1864 in Fordwich, Huron County Ontario, and is buried in Old Sotheran Cemetery. A photo of her gravesite is included on this site.

On December 16, 1848 in East Oxford, Catherine Louisa married Thomas Sherred. They had 6 children: Emily born in 1848, Alice Jane born in 1853, Samuel W. born 1855 in East Oxford, Alexander born in 1859, Frederick born in 1863 and Olive born in 1868. Catherine & Thomas Sherred’s daughter, Emily married Joseph W. Hume on July 19, 1869 in East Oxford, Oxford County, Ontario and had 5 daughters, Emily Alice, born July 2, 1870 in Warwick, Lambton County, Ontario, Mary Olive Louisa, born Aug 13, 1872, Warwick, Lambton County, Margaret Henrietta May, born Mar 15, 1874, Warwick, Lambton County, Ontario, Catherine Evelina Maud, born Dec 8, 1876, Warwick, Lambton County, Ontario, Rosey Loretta, born Oct 7, 1881, Warwick, Lambton County, Ontario. Catherine & Thomas Sherred’s daughter, Alice Jane married James Egbert Case on Dec 25, 1871 in East Oxford, Oxford County, Ontario and had one son, Alexander B. Case born 1873.

Caroline married Thomas Dell on September 10, 1851. In 1881 Caroline and Thomas resided in Zorra East and had 5 children, Thomas, born in 1849, Julia, born in 1861, Jane, born in 1866, Joseph, born in 1868, and Frederick, born in 1874 living at home. At that time Thomas’ sister Catherine Dell lived with them and also listed in the household were Samuel Shelley, George Shelley, and William Shelley. Thomas Dell died in 1899 and Caroline in 1904.

George Alexander Daly married Jane Rutledge on December 6, 1854 and their children were Anne Sophie, born in 1856, Louisa Jane, born in 1859, Margaret H born in 1862, Alexander F., born May 1865 died 1926, and George A. Junior born in 1869. Alexander F. Daly married Belle H. Herrick of Michagan in 1894. Belle was born July 1869 died in 1922. They had 3 daughters, Mary, born Jan 1895, Georgia, born March 9 1897, and Janet, born June 10, 1911. Alex and Belle did not have any grandchildren. Mary did get married later in life to a man who already had children, but the did not have any children of their own. Georgia never married, and worked as a secretary for a lawyer in Detroit Michigan until retirement. She died June 17 1988 at the age of 91. Janet married Elmer Peters, they did not have any children. Janet worked as a switchboard operator for 20 years for Michigan Bell and died August 1 2003 at the age of 92.

Frederick Ferris Daly married Thyrza Malcolm. Their children were Alexander Malcolm Daly born in 1866, Eddy Cate Daly born in 1870, Alice F. Daly, born in 1872, Jane Beatrice Daly, born in 1876, Maryette A. Daly, born in 1878 and Clara C. Daly, born in 1884. Frederick and Thyrza Daly moved from Ontario to Hartly, Kent County, Delaware in 1882. Frederick died of Bright’s Disease on February 22, 1893.

Julia J. Daly born Dec 1, 1835 married Egerton Ryerson Rutledge. Their children were Frederick Ryerson Rutledge, born Jul 14, 1856, Goderich, Huron County, Ontario, Amelia Theresa Rutledge born Jan 3,1859, Egerton Rutledge born 1863 and Julia Ann Rutledge born 1866 (died May 9, 1873, Howich, Huron County, Ontario). Julia (Daly) Rutledge died August 1, 1879 in Chippewa County, Michigan.

Captain Alexander Daly died October 6, 1868 and is buried in Christ Church Cemetery in East Oxford. His wife Jane died March 8, 1880 and although no headstone was found for her it’s assumed that she’s buried next to her husband, Alexander. The text of Alexander Daly’s last will and testament can be found elsewhere on this blog.

Here’s a list of some of the sources that were used in putting this Daly Family Story together:

Census Records:

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1891 Census Index for Oxford County. Extracted by Ontario Genealogy Society, Oxford County Branch. Accessed 8/2004

Other Records:

Reid, William D. Marriage Notices of Ontario 1813-1854, Publisher unknown, information from collection of J. Leonard

Last Will and Testament of Alexander Daly. County of Oxford, Ontario Genealogy Society, Oxford County Branch, accessed 8/2004

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Ontario Registrations of Marriage 1857 to 1924., digital image. Provided by D. Upper from her records.

Ontario Canada Deaths, 1869 to 1934., digital image. Provided by D. Upper from her records.

Note: Many of these records will also be cited elsewhere in this site, with the specific records to which they pertain.

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12 Responses to The Daly Family of Ontario, Canada

  1. Allison Farrand says:

    Thank you so much!
    This clarifies everything, and what an interesting story.

  2. susaned1 says:

    Dear Allison,
    Thanks for your contact. Are ou a Daly Family descendant?

  3. Allison says:

    Yes, I’m a descendant of Julia Jane and ad Egerton Ryerson Rutledge’s son Frederick Rutledge.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Ron Siefker says:

    I am a distant relative of the Malcolm family from Southern Ontario. Frederick Ferris Daly married Thyrza Malcolm. I have very little on their family after they moved to Delaware. I would be most interested in learning more of the genealogy of Frederick and Thyrza family. I would be pleased to share what data I have on the family also.
    If interested, contact me at

  5. D Daly says:

    Very interesting! I am the youngest daughter in the Daly family from Dover, DE. My Dad had been contacted by Loren Smith and his daughter, Marie Smith when they were researching the decendents of Captain Alexander Daly. I am interested in learning much more.

  6. susaned1 says:

    Hello! Good to hear from you and thanks for your contact. What is your dad’s name…. I might have contacted him too? Sue Edminster

  7. Deborah Fenimore Lewes, DE says:

    Susan, How might I contact D Daly from the Dover Daly clan? I never knew about her and am very interested in learning more. Also, who is Loren Smith and his daughter Marie? These are names that are new to me. Thanks, Debi ( Alexander Daly’s great grand daughter)

  8. D Daly says:

    Sue~ I apologize for not responding sooner. I just saw your message from June ’11. My Dad is Alexander Malcom Daly III. Have you been in contact with him?
    Deborah~ My name is Denee Daly, Alexander Malcom Daly’s great-grandaughter. My Dad is from the Daly/Scott family in the Dover, DE area. I will see my Dad tomorrow and I’m looking forward to sharing this site with him. He’s bringing his family history information with him, so maybe we’ll have some family history to add.

  9. susaned1 says:

    Hello Denee, So glad to get your message. I think I attempted an Email contact with your dad at one time but we never connected. I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks and will contact you again when I return so we can “talk” more about the Daly family. Thanks again for the contact.
    Sue Edminster

  10. Bob Stock says:

    I was fascinated with this history. I have no connection to the Daly family, but rather am looking at the history of this part of East Oxford. I can add one small detail to your story, namely that in 1842 the government opened a post office called East Oxford along the Old Stage Road, and Alexander Daly was appointed postmaster. This tiny, obscure post office was closed in 1952. We do not know whether Alexander Daly served as postmaster for the entire decade.

  11. Bob Stock says:

    Oops – should have proof-read my comment more carefully – it closed in 1852, not 1952

  12. susaned1 says:

    Hello Bob,
    Delighted to hear from you and you’ve added another bit to the story of the Daly family, especially Alexander Daly. I really appreciate your message! And it goes without saying I’ll welcome another message if you should run into something else about this person who was my great-great grandfather (I think I have that right). Another researcher has been studying more about Alexander’s service with the British East India Company…exciting stuff.
    Thanks again for the contact, nice to make your acquaintance. Sue Edminster

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