Last Will and Testament of Alexander Daly

I’ve transcribed the Last Will and Testament of Alexander Daly as it’s difficult to read the handwrittten version. Where you see “–” it indicates an unreadable word or words. In some places there is no punctuation so it makes the reading a little more confusing, but in any case, here you go:

Last will and testament of Alexander Daly

In Her Majesty’s Surrogate Court of the County of Oxford — Be it known that on the Twelfth day of November AD 1868 The Last Will and Testament of Alexander Daly late of the Town of East Oxford in the County of Oxford, Yeoman died on the sixth day of October at East Oxford and at the time of his death had a fixed place of abode at East — in the said County of Oxford, was proved and required said Surrogate Court a —– Testament is hereunder written and that the admin — and singular the personal estate and effects, rights and — hereditaments — of the said deceased and any way consenting — granted by the aforesaid court to Jane Daly of the — in the County of Oxford, Widow and Thomas — of the same place, Yeoman , the executor named in the said — having been first sworn well and faithfully to a — by paying the just debts of the deceased and the — contained in his will so far as they are thereunto — to — a will and perfect inventory of all and — said Estate and effects rights and credits and to — it and — account of their executorship whereunto — so to do.

James ——
Registrar of the Surrogate Court
County of Oxford

This is the last Will and Testament of Alexander Daly, Township of East Oxford, in the County of Oxford Province of Ontario in the Dominion of Canada, Gentleman.

First I will that all my just debts be paid, Second I Will all my son Frederick Ferris Daly his heirs administrators and — half of lot number five in the fourth concession of East Oxford containing — adm — interest one — the same more or less subject to the following condition that is to say my wife Jane Daly shall receive yearly one hundred and fifty dollars to be paid out of the — during her life also my wife Jane Daly shall have the use and benefit two rooms in the house also will and bequeath to my son Frederick Ferris Daly all household furniture and all my personal property — money notes at hand, one horse and buggy and — the household furniture as she might deem necessary — the two rooms above mentioned, I give and bequeath to my wife Jane Daly. Also to my son George Alexander Daly I bequeath the North Half of lot number three in the concesion of East Oxford containing by admeasurement — the same more or less during his life after this — property to be sold and equally divided between the surviving children. I hereby nominate and appoint — Daly and Thomas Sherred of the Township of East Oxford executors of this my last will and testament hereby re — all former wills made by me heretofore.

In Testimony whereof I the said Alexander Daly have and affix my seal this first day of July in the year One thousand eight hundred and sixty seven.

Signed, sealed and declared by the said Alexander Daly to his be his last Will and Testament in presence of George Cate and George Thompson who at his request and in his presence have subscribe their names and witness herto in presence of each other signed…

So there you have it….. and those of you who have copies may be more able to read the text. If so, please send me any corrections.

SOURCE: Ontario. Last Will and Testament of Alexander Daly. Ontario Genealogy Society archives collection, Woodstock, Ontario.

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