Letter to George A. Walker, Jr.

Bemidji, Minn Sept 9th 1918

My Dear Son,

Altho Ma has been writing you often thought I would drop you a few lines this evening__ Ma has been feeling poorly for few days but seems to be OK again tonight.

Last letter we received from you was dated July 28th. I was pleased to know you have been advanced to Corporal. Willie wrote us about it also. Said had several letters from you and was in hopes might be able to see you. Dale wrote that he was getting along fine but it’s quite awhile since we heard from him.

Heard that some Nymore boy wrote home that he has met you but don’t know what his name was. I hope you won’t have to go thro many gas experiences.

Your cousin Tommy Hatten is now in France. He went over with a bunch of officers I understand to study war as it really is. Business on the M & I is very quiet now and most of the men have gone elsewhere. Your Uncle Will and Ole Sader went to the coast and intend to settle there.

Your Grandpa and Chet are going to Seattle for the winter so they say. We had a heavy frost few nights ago. Anything green got it good. Had some fine beans but guess most of them are a goner. potatoes was far enough along so they are not injured much.

Ralph, Elsie & the kids are still out on the place and are well. Ralph is my warehouse foreman now and I think the day work is doing him good. I lost all my crew couple weeks ago but have another bunch on now. I had to run the job for awhile and run a truck at same time.
We have been expecting a consolodation of stations for some time but don’t seem to happen. probably will come tho soon.

It’s qite chilly here tonight. Feels like real fall weather__ We have a girl staying with us now so Jean will have company and won’t have to come down to the ofs (office) with us.

Willie says his liberty bond are paid for and that he was going to allot some of his pay to ma so she could put it in the bank for him.

Well my dear boy I can’t think of anything more for this time. Trust we will soon get letters from you again tellig us you are well. We look forward to when they come and can hardly wait for time enough to elapse before getting anxious.

Write us as long letters as you can and often__ Love from us all
Your affectionate father, G.A. Walker

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