Letters from the Walker Boys 2

This letter was written to Elsie Walker Everest from France, on February 24, 1919.

Dear Sister:
Spring is sure breaking here with lots of rain, in hopes that it dries up soon as the roads are rotten.
Have a pretty fair time around here now. A dance every Sunday afternoon and evening, sometimes a wedding done in the middle of the week, some nice French girls attend and they have learned to dance “American” quite well, as the young French men are quite scarce we have no trouble getting dances, have gotten so I can hold quite a conversation with them but they are awful slow to learn English and we are kind of glad that they are.
You know I have not gotten a letter from Mother for over a month and I have been writing 2 or 3 times a week.
Well, must close – Hoping Ralph and family are in the best of health.
Your loving bro.

Th next letter is from Elsie’s brother Frederick Dale Walker and was written from Le Brissa (Vosage) France on December 21st, 1918

6th Co. 20th Engrs.

Dear Sister:
You will most likely be surprized to hear from me so soon but really sis I haven’t had much time to write as we are packing and shipping boxes till hell won’t have it getting ready to go home which will be Jan. 15th. Got the pictures along with your letter the pictures were the best Xmas present you could have sent the kids surely look fine and the baby looks a good deal like Ralph only he has eyes like the Ma you know the ones. I meant wriggly eyes that
get em.
Was very glad to learn Ralph has improved so good and is able to work again hope he stays well now and gets ahead and on his feet again.
Say sis ______surely played the black ace with me I’ve written her 10 times now and haven’t rec’d an answer suppose if she wrote to me it would interfere with her social affairs in that case her ambitions for a swell would be ruined.
Suppose by this time some of the boys that were in camps over there have arrived home and are working surely wish I were back there to gt to work so soon.
Well every thing here is covered with snow but it isn’t a nice white flakey snow like we have at home it’s about as much water as it is snow and just a few days before it snowed it had been raining for 6 weeks there was a foot of mud all over and now where you step on the snow you pull your foot out of 6 in of La Bov and 2 foot of La Nash combined.
The mill is cutting logs as fast as it can and the logs are all on skidways and the teams are working Sundays and every day to get through as soon as possible.
To day is pay day so guess I’ll get the franks and go to town and get my tan shoes out of the shoe shop a woman does the repair work and she does some job I believe I could compete with her using my feet if I had a cobblers outfit.
After I get home I’m going west and follow my trade as Electrician I think it is a good place for a young fellow to start life and I don’t think I’ll ever go back on the road to much like the army “Can’t do this” and “Can’t do that”
Well sis I’ll tell you all when I get home must close and get my pay.
Brotherly Love,
Frederick Dale Walker

The last of the three letters is from Corp. George A. Walker to his sister, Elsie Walker Everest

American Expeditionary Force
Oct. 6th 1918

Dear Sister:
Will try and ans. your last letter altho I haven’t got it with me.
Have met a few fellows here, from home, Jim (?) Scott McLean and Dan Moore, they are all candidates here. Ray Lord is located here, have not seen him yet, expect I will tho later on. He is active Engrs. It sure seems good to see them, believe me have had some good talks about the “old times” since I met them. And if we have time more good talks.
How are the little kiddies? I sure would like to see them and all of you again. By the looks of things over here now, I might. Let’s hope so anyway. But you know the Germans can not be trusted so things may fall thru.
I haven’t heard from Dale or Bill for some time. Seems funny they can’t keep up a little better correspondence. I try to write to all, but, from now on I’ll probably be some busy and won’t get a chance to write much. Will try to write to some of the family about once a week.
What does pa think of the consoladation idea for the Rys (railways). Seems to be a good idea to me and I hope they do it, for his sake. It will make a good job for him. I’d like to be there to help him out on things a little, I don’t think the help he has is very efficient, do you? That is some of it. Of course not mentioning Ralph for I know he is a very good man for dad to have. I hope they get along good together.
Well dear Sis I must close and hit the feathers for I am all in to night. Hello to the girls and friends. Love to all the folks.
From your Loving Bro.
Candidate Geo. A. Walker
1st Co. A.C.S.
A.P.O. 714

Censored by:
2 Lt. Inf.

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