Hello to all,

It always seems as if the time is flying by….. and indeed it is. This week I decided to be more diligent in getting family information posted and so there will (she says confidently) be more regular postings coming down the pike.
The other change is that there are now three separate sites available for you to peruse:

The original site is primarily for family histories and pictures and can be found at:


The “blog” which lends itself to data, diaries, and also just conversing, is at:


And last, I’ve started a “Wiki” which is a more collaborative site and can be found at:


I hope you’ll visit all three of these “companion” sites as I expect them to grow into a vital history of the Walker, Boss, Arbuckle and Daly families, as well as the Edminster, Neust and Higley lines. As more information on these families comes to light it’ll be posted for you to see and of course more family groups will be added as time allows.


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