WWII Diary 1940

Elsie Walker Everest kept diaries for nearly 40 years, recording everyday activities, births, marriages and deaths, and important local and national events as well. I’ve had the pleasure of reading through the diaries three or four times and marvel at the legacy she left us. Here then, are excerpts from the diaries during 1940 and 1941, just prior to and at the beginning of WWII. I hope you enjoy history through the lens of Elsie’s life.


February 24: Hitler spoke from Berlin

March 14: Mussolini met Hitler in Brenner(?) Pass
President Roosevelt in bed with a cold

April 9: Norway at war, Denmark invaded

April 11 (news article)
Hottest weather of the year came to Longview and surrounding community ….heat was felt thoroughly, because of “muggy” atmospheric conditions.

May 9: Germany marched on Holland – Netherlands. World seems to be in a mess.

May 16: President (Roosevelt) asked for big fund for armament. War terrible – German army advancing in France.

June 10: Hot and sultry. Italy declared war. Made strawberry jam.

June 12: 14 years ago arrived in Cathlamet from Bemidji Minnesota. Many changes here since then.

June 14: Hot. German Army in Paris

July 17: Roosevelt drafted for 3rd term nomination

August 1: (news article)
New York, July 31 (AP) The American Telephone and Telegraph Company and its subsidiaries have placed the nation’s telephone communications network on a virtual war time footing within the past six weeks. Acting at the suggestion of national defense officials, precautions have been taken to protect vital operating centers, and added facilities are being set up to meet the growing demands of preparedness activities. Extra guards have been posted at vital operating points. In a western district, guards were chosen from ex-marines who had been approved by the FBI.

September 16: President Roosevelt signed conscription bill –

October 8: Cincinnati won World Series 1-2

October 22: Hitler trying to get France & Spain to join Axis and then surround England – Serious

November 5: Dark and misty…. home at 4 P.M., voted, listened to election returns until late. Roosevelt wins – First 3rd term President.

December 5: Repeal of Prohibition 7 years ago

December 31: Married 27 years ago today at Bemidji, Minnesota. Nice day – cool – sun – fog in evening. Papers full of war and predicting war and woe for us.

Installment 2 coming…….

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One Response to WWII Diary 1940

  1. Karen says:

    I found this to be fascinating. Every day and world events are so different from today, but in some ways the same. I remember Aunt Elsie and Uncle Ralph. I would love to read more on their lives.

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