The Walker Family

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Descendants of  William George Walker

The Ice Castle

Introducing My Canadian Ancestors

It’s a Bowler, No it’s a Derby

Children of George A. Walker and Georgiana Boss

Walker Family Obituaries

Children of William Walker and Jeannie Arbuckle

Walker Family Vital Records

William Alexander Walker

Last Will and Testament of W.G. Walker

William George Walker

How I Became Addicted to Genealogy

Grandpa Walker Makes the News!

Jeannie Arbuckle Walker

Bemidji Minnesota, Mom’s Home Town

Old Sotheran Cemetery

George A. Walker, Jr.

George A. Walker, Jr. WWI Picture

Letter to George A. Walker, Jr.

Letters from the Walker Boys

Letters from the Walker Boys 2

Walker Family Picture Album

Walker Family Gravesites                                              

Frank and Jean Shane, A Love Story

One Response to The Walker Family

  1. So loved seeing the pictures again. Only mistake I see is Jeannine Walters you put Watters, probably a typo! I seem to be doing that a lot lately. It is on the picture that says Bob,Dale, Jeannine W and Joyce Mott. Maybe it is too hard to correct if so just let it go I guess. I sure love seeing the pictures! It makes it all more real! Thanks for all your efforts! I sent the message on to Jim and his oldest daughter and Barbara’s daughter Kim who is interested also in geneology. Nancy

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