Final Report on Geneablogger Winter Games

Hi Friends,

Well, I started off strong but ended with a whimper.  Comparing my performance to the Winter Olympics you might say I crashed on the slalom course.  Nonetheless, I did participate in some of the events and  learned a lot along the way.  So here goes with the final tab:

Back Up Your Data event:  I backed up my data to my Mobile Me iDisk account and investigated the possibility of using Google GDrive as well, but opted not to go that route.  So I completed task “C” earning a Silver Medal

Organize your research event: I began the task of organizing my blog using the WordPress “pages” feature to provide indexes for each family.  I completed one family, the Shanes. No medal earned, (boo-hoo).

Expand your knowledge event: This was a very enjoyable event!  I created a surname visualization using Wordle and posted it to my blog, started a time line for Robert Shane using TimeToast but haven’t finished it yet.  So I completed one task earning a Bronze Medal.

Reach out and perform genealogical acts of kindness event: I read and commented on three blogs, (task A),  created memorials and posted photos for four ancestors in my Boss line, (Task B) and earned a Silver Medal.

So Thomas, there you have it.  Beyond my rather paltry list of task completions above I dabbled with some of the other tasks and all in all had a great time along the way.  Thank you so very much for organizing the event!


Sue Edminster

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